Barrett Station Community Development Organization, Inc.

a/k/a Barrett Station CDC


Volunteer Opportunities

Do You Need Community Service Volunteer Hours?
... then, why not consider volunteering with our organization! 

 If you are in need of community service hours to fulfill a court order -

If you would like to volunteer for some other requirement, business or personal, -

If you would like a good place to put forward your efforts -


We have your simple solution - Help our great purpose



We can help you, as you help us, help others.

The fulfillment that you receive will be more than just credited hours.

You will earn the richest reward of self-fulfillment, and

This is an opportunity to not only reinvest in yourself, but your community, as well!
Come volunteer with us, today.  Indicate the type and amount of hours needed.

You should also include the information of the court or facility

That is requiring the community service in your email request, to








More Volunteer Opportunities !!



We have a number of volunteer positions along with customized positions based on your interests and skills.



  • Office Associate

  • Receptionist Supporter 

  • Community Outreach Volunteers
  • Workshop Aid
  • Class Instructors
  • Job Coaches
  • Career Coach
  • Guest speakers
  • Mock Interviewers
  • Special Event Planning 
  • Fundraising
    • Long term volunteer (Longer than 3 weeks)
    • Short term Volunteer (Less than 3 weeks)
    • One day volunteer
    • Special events volunteer


Training may apply depending position.


**All volunteers must attend an orientation.**



Types of volunteers:


Contact Information 

Phone: (281) 670-8133