Barrett Station Community Development Organization, Inc.

a/k/a Barrett Station CDC

About Us


" GIVE a man a fish and you feed him for a day, TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for life "

As a community and place-based organization, our ultimate goal is to work with local government and other non-profit concerns to help elevate the community of Barrett Station to a status of one that is “viable and sustainable”.  Viable, in the sense that the community becomes self-sufficient with regard to continued growth in the areas of jobs, educational facilities, the arts, housing and people.   And, “sustainable” with regard to its municipal infrastructure, agricultural management and development, transportation, and -- in general – its economy. In achieving this goal, our mission is to:


  • grant educational scholarships to minority students who are entering college and/or trade school

  • coordinate and conduct cleanup activities on an ongoing basis in an effort to combat community deterioration

  • work with other non-profits in the community to create programs for our youth in an effort to deter juvenile delinquency

  • provide social services to low-income individuals


  • coordinate programs and exhibitions that engage the community's residents in the areas of the arts, history and technology

  • collaborate with local government to ensure that the concerns and needs of residents in the community of Barrett Station are heard with regard to future planning and growth

  • ensure sustainability of our environment by encouraging preservation of the land

  • promote health of the people by participating in health programs and distributing informational pieces that educate residents on various health issues and their causes, etc.

  • create jobs and housing

  • work with local authorities to ensure the safety and security of our residents



Further, our organization supports efforts to:


    *    reduce violent crime and gang-related activities in the community through enhanced enforcement activities by local governmental and crime prevention programs;


    *    increase the safety of youth and reduce juvenile crime through crime prevention and intervention programs. 



We want to ensure that the rich heritage and culture that is unique to the community of Barrett, is documented and preserved for future generations to come.


Finally,  we are a community and place-based organization that leads the way in meeting the information needs of our community.